Healthy weight – healthy life styles. Viv Bennett – Public Health England

Maintaining a healthy weight is one of the key pillars to a long and healthy life. We know the foundations for healthy weight are laid within childhood and the numbers of children and young people who continue to… Read More

Ensuring young people have a voice. Alice Williams – NHS England

In October 2014, NHS England published its Five Year Forward View; a strategy that aimed to have far reaching impacts on healthcare. This document highlighted the importance of involving patients and the public. “…the health service needs to change,… Read More

The role of the voluntary sector in supporting young people’s health. Duncan Tree – Volunteering Matters

It is clear that the voluntary and community sector has a critical role to play in enabling and empowering young people to make healthier life choices. Engaging young people in volunteering and social action is increasingly recognised as… Read More

Improving mental health services for young people. Kathryn Pugh – NHS England

When you’re busy it’s not easy to make time to pause for breath.  But with so much going on it is absolutely crucial to do just this. With this in mind I’d like to take a look at… Read More

It’s time for youth mental health services to respect young people’s rights. Grace

We live in a constantly changing world, one of ever-increasing complexity. Navigating the systems necessary to succeed in this modern landscape is not straightforward. Nonetheless, this is something all young people must do in order to thrive and… Read More

Improving the health & wellbeing of young people through public health. Wendy Nicholson – Public Health England

We are all faced with challenges as we make our way through life, some more than others, and it can be daunting as an adult, so it’s really hard to imagine how difficult life can be for young… Read More

Why is focusing on young people’s health important? NHS Youth Forum & Kath Evans – NHS England

NHS Youth Forum

Young People are on an exciting part of their life journey with diverse physical, emotional and intellectual changes happening on a daily basis, all of which influence their health and wellbeing.  As a critical part of society young… Read More