YPHP resources

YPHP resources

The Young People’s Health Partnership represents the interests of young people and young adults aged 10 – 25. We focus specifically on young people facing health inequalities. We are a partnership of six organisations with VCSE networks across England from the youth and young people’s health sectors.

How can we support you?
YPHP has been commissioned to run young people’s Takeover events and training for the voluntary sector on young people’s mental health. Contact us for more information.

“Thank you for the opportunity to attend the training yesterday. It was so beneficial in terms of my job role and the ongoing support to those young adults within my working environment with or without mental health issues.”  quote from CPD workshops run in partnership with Young Devon.

Our resources are available here

Take Over

Takeover Toolkit

Takeover Resources

Mental Health and wellbeing

Children and Young People’s views on wellbeing – evidence from existing research

What supports children and young people’s wellbeing – findings from discussions with young people

Closing the Employment Gap for Young People Toolkit

Overlap between mental health problems and employment issues for young people – Scoping Review

Mental Health Takeover Day 2017 Final Report

Young, adult and ignored – Getting a fair deal for 16-24 year olds from mental health services

Case studies of prevention work in the voluntary sector

A Foot in the Door – VCS Providers’ View of CAMHS transformation


Evaluation of the Youth Health Champion Programme

Measuring Matters: an introduction to the Standard Evaluation Framework for Physical Activity

Substance Use

Novel Psychoactive Substances Insight Report: ‘‘The View from Young People’’

Novel Psychoactive Substances Insight Report Executive Summary: ‘‘The View from Young People’’

The Immortals – Key Learning Report

Young People and Substance Misuse Report


Confidentiality and Safeguarding report

Social Action

Social Action Case Studies

Social Prescribing

Ten Tips for Youth Social Prescribing

Social Prescribing for Young People

Longterm Conditions

Children and Young People’s Cancer Services – Ambitions for the Next 10 Years

The Best Chance from the Start Report

Coping with Cancer – Supporting Young People’s Resilience

Training & Commissioning Guides

Health – How to Address Inequalities

Health – How to Make a Business Case

Health – How to Measure Outcomes

Health – How To Put Evidence into Practice

Health – How to Scale Up

Health – How To Sustain a Project

Health – How To Undertake a Needs Assessment

Health – How To Work in Partnership

Health Training for Youth Workers and Sports Coaches

Health Inequalities & Social Determinants

The experience of young people facing health inequalities webinar

What challenges have young people who face inequalities experienced during the Covid-19 lockdown?

Addressing health inequalities in homeless children, young people and families toolkit

Addressing health inequalities in homeless children, young people and families learning resource

Health Inequality and Access To Justice

Social Determinants of Young People’s Health


Making Integration a Reality Report – Part 1

Making Integration a Reality Report – Part 2

Young People’s Rights

Rights Resources for Professionals Working with Young People