A Young Person’s Experience of NHS Expo

I am Faye, 23 from Anfield in Liverpool. I have always been part of my local youth project getting support and guidance since the age of 12 both as a participant and as I got older a sports volunteer, they even gave me my first part time job as a receptionist. After finishing my A levels I decided on a health and beauty career which has been very rewarding and given me the chance to meet amazing people and also travel to work in the USA. Over the last 12 months I decided to move career, taking the skills I have gained and follow a new career pathway and become a midwife, so I have spent 12 months completing my health access course, hard work but worth it.

Through my local project they told me about the opportunity to attend the NHS Expo which was great timing as I was due to start my midwifery degree course the following week.

I was really thankful to Ambition and the YPHP to get an invite and access to NHS Expo 17. It was great to be able to first hand join debates around future plans for midwifery and nursing. Listening to people like Sarah-Jane Marsh, chair of the Maternity Transformation Programme Board, responsible for implementing the National Maternity Review on Better Births, knowing I was going to be part of that transformation over the next 3 years really gave me up to date info. I also attended an interactive session with Susan Aitkenhead, director of nursing at NHS England looking at the framework for nursing, midwifery and care staff to improve outcomes for individuals.

Whilst discussions were sometimes quite intensive and a little above where I am in my midwifery career I did value being at NHS Expo for both the insight into what I was working towards, to see the new technology at the stands and chat to exhibitors. Plus it was great to support the Health and Wellbeing Alliance.

My final session was the pop up university young carers session, they were so inspirational and are doing an amazing role as ambassadors. They certainly had my attention and respect, just like the professionals on the day, they definitely brought home how powerful a young person’s voice can be. Support to young people is critical from local and national organisations both within the Health and Wellbeing Alliance and also wider than that, keep up the great work!

Thanks to everyone it was ace and a great experience.

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