Young people’s voices

Young people’s voices

Science-fiction animations

AYPH facilitated a group of 10-13 year olds from Bromley Woodcraft Folk to explore the health and wellbeing needs of early adolescence through animated film. We used science fiction to imagine a planet where the health and wellbeing of 10-12 year olds were prioritised and fully met. Together we explored some of the changes and challenges at this age, how young people could be better supported through these changes and feel fully included in society.  The young people created unique, colourful characters that represent the values of this planet. They also developed a visitor from Earth who interviewed the other characters to find out what made their planet so special.  This is the animated film they made.



We also created a project report that captures some of the important conversations that happened off camera. We explain the whys and hows of using science fiction and animation as a way for young people to imagine a better world. Taking their ideas and the available evidence about wellbeing into account, we also provide some recommendations about how to better support young people through the changes and challenges of early adolescence.

This project was supported by Public Health England

We used the same method with a group of young people with HIV. In partnership with CHIVA , we are produced a new animated film that was completed in May 2019 along with another project report. The finished film and report are available to view on the project page.


Acute Care

Commissioned by the Healthy London Partnership, AYPH has worked with a diverse range of young people in order to discover how they felt about different models of care and what was important to them when they were acutely unwell. In this report we present the perspectives of young people on what they want from acute care, from a short series of workshops held in London in 2017/18.

AYPH was commissioned by the Royal College of Physicians to run a participation project exploring acute care services with young people. We organised workshops with four groups of young people across England to gather their experiences and views, including No Limits Southampton, Birmingham Sexual Health Service, CHIVA and Ambitious about Autism.

Participants from these four services met in London in January 2017. Together they created two brand new youth-led resource about their experiences of acute care services and how those services can better meet the needs of all young people. These resources are complimentary to the RCP’s existing acute care toolkit for adolescents and young adults.

The infographic asks a series of questions to professionals providing acute care services and proposes solutions for each one. The aim is for service providers to follow the flowchart from start to finish to ensure that they are taking all young people’s needs into consideration and acknowledge the ways they


The film presents three stories about young people’s experiences in acute care settings. Young people developed the stories based on shared experiences, then acted them out and filmed them in just one day.

The end result provides a host of important messages to acute care professionals about what to consider when working with young people. One group even wrote a lovely poem about the NHS that is featured in the film. The title comes from a workshop activity where young people were asked to imagine their ideal acute care service.

NHS Digital Strategy

We carried out a consultation with young people and parents to find out their views about digital online records in the form of a ‘hub’, bringing together GP and hospital records, test results, immunisations and other health information in one place. We ran focus groups with young people with mental health issues and young people with HIV to ensure the voices of marginalised young people with a need for enhanced confidentiality were included in this work. Read our findings here.


We were commissioned by Pharmacy Research UK to run workshops with a group of young people from Birmingham Children’s Hospital with juvenile arthritis. The young people created this film, which is a series of sketches and interviewed the adult professionals.

report cover imageAmplifying young people’s voices

AYPH offers consultancy work to help other organisations and strategic bodies either initiate or increase young people’s participation. We use fun, inclusive and creative techniques either face-to-face with young people or by reaching out to them through social media. We have worked with young people to produce resources for public bodies such as NHS England, Public Health England, Pharmacy Research UK, local authorities and voluntary sector organisations like Croydon Drop-In and Cystic Fibrosis Trust. If you are interested in commissioning us to do some participation work, have a look at our participation statement that answers some FAQs.