There are young people among us – let’s celebrate their contribution to health and social care during the pandemic

Emma Rigby, George Fielding and Charli Clement We are so excited to be celebrating the Power of Youth day and thinking about all things youth, health and social care!  We have been working together as the new chairs… Read More

“The teacher and the teenage brain”

Dr John Coleman Publisher:  Routledge Publication Date:  27th May 2021 We are delighted to share a blog from our patron and former chair Dr John Coleman to mark the launch of his new book.  Making sure that we… Read More

Exploring the experiences of students during Covid-19

  The Covid-19 pandemic forced everyone to change their way of living. Some of those most affected have been students, as school and university was cancelled and teaching was moved online. Currently, schools have reopened, but most university… Read More

Top tips from young people on how to lead successful Relationships, Sex and Health Education in secondary schools

"I think it's really important for young people to have high-quality RSHE in order to develop well as young people."

Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) has been compulsory for KS3 & KS4 (ages 11 – 15) since September 2020 and Relationships and Health Education has been compulsory at KS1 and 2. However, this has been an incredibly… Read More

When will children and young people receive the Covid-19 vaccination?

young woman receiving a vaccination injection

For the vast majority of children and young people Covid-19 vaccination is not recommended at the moment due to the low level of risk facing young people.  Currently those aged 16 and above who are clinically extremely vulnerable… Read More

Young people and Covid-19: where are we up to?

Image of young woman in a yoga pose in the sunshine

Recognising the tyranny of the mean, worrying about the exacerbation of health inequalities, and watching out for the slow-burn effects:  what we learned from summarising the evidence on the impact of Covid-19 on young people.  AYPH’s Research Lead,… Read More

The Impact of COVID on Young People

In November AYPH held a webinar exploring what the evidence is telling us about how the pandemic and lockdown are affecting young people. The webinar looked at the challenges the virus poses for young people, the impact of… Read More

“Digital by default” or digital divide? Virtual healthcare consultations with young people 10 – 25 years

Although the move to more digital consultations may have some positive outcomes for young people’s health, it may also create some issues.  Digital medical consultations may not suit all.  We need to ensure that provision is driven by… Read More

Psychosocial groups for young survivors of sexual abuse: worth the risk?

by Jeremy Sachs & Lindsay Starbuck Quotes used throughout this blog are from young people who participated in AYPH’s Be Healthy project.  A key distinction in a child or young person’s experience of a sexual trauma as opposed to a… Read More

A better way to help young people with co-occuring conditions

Addaction is kicking off the Young People’s Health Partnership focus week with a focus on mental health and substance use.  At Addaction, our job is to make sure young people get the support they need – whether it’s… Read More