Here are some of the resources that AYPH has produced. They include toolkits to support practice, data and information, results of participation with young people, briefings, blogs and other resources.  You’re welcome to download and use or circulate them, but please give us a credit.


Covid-19: Information for young people and people who care for them (April 2021)

Help for Parents (November 2019)

Closing the employment gap for young people: A toolkit for those supporting 16-25 year olds experiencing common mental health problems to gain and stay in work. (May 2019)

Addressing health inequalities in homeless children, young people and families: A toolkit for Public Health Nurses (November 2018)

Developmentally appropriate healthcare toolkit (November 2017)

School Nurse Toolkit – Improving young people’s health literacy (November 2016)

A public health approach to promoting young people’s resilience (March 2016)

GP Champions Toolkit for Primary Care (November 2015)

Data and infographics 

Spotlight on Research: Some new COVID-19 studies with relevance for the 10-24 year old age group (Briefing, June 2020)

Key Data 2019 animation (Sept 2019)

Key Data on Young People 2019  (September 2019)

Highlights: Key Data on Young People 2019  (September 2019)

Ten reasons to invest in young people’s health (August 2019)

Overlap between mental health problems and employment issues for young people aged 16-24 – A scoping review. (March 2019)

Briefing on mental health prevalence findings for 10-19 year olds. (January 2019)

Health protection and immunisations for young people (March 2018)

Which young people need extra help to reach good health? (Infographic, July 2016)

What young people in Hackney want from health services (Infographic January 2015)

Participation and engagement

Peer support square

A rights-based, survivor led guide to coping with lockdown (April 2020)

Are you OK? (Animation, May 2019)

First 1001 days of the second decade (Animation, October 2018)

AYPH participation statement (Nov 2017)

The Young People’s Acute Care Flow Chart (Oct 2017)

Young peoples experiences of acute care (Film, Oct 2017)

The Be Healthy Curriculum – facilitator resource (August 2017)

A guide for young people supporting each other – peer support resource  (March 2016)

How to improve services for young people in London – the Prescription Pad (July 2015)

Be Healthy – resources developed by young people affected by CSE

Our Voices podcast (below) – Lindsay Starbuck, AYPH’s Youth Participation Coordinator talks about using popular education techniques with young people affected by sexual violence (August 2017)

Briefings, blogs and other resources


Young people’s views on their mental health and emotional wellbeing needs following sexual abuse in adolescence (April 2021)

When will children and young people receive the Covid-19 vaccination?  Blog (March 2021)

Summarising what we know so far about the impact of Covid-19 on young people  Briefing paper (February 2021)

Setting up group clinics for young people with diabetes.  Briefing paper (April 2020)

How does poor mental health in the early years of secondary school impact on GCSE attainment? Briefing paper written with NatCen. (November 2019)

Youth knife crime – what does “taking a public health approach” mean?
Briefing paper prepared for Coram (September 2019)

Fake news:  a threat to curbing vaccine-preventable diseases in the UK (guest blog by AYPH’s Dr Rakhee Shah on the Nuffield Trust website, January 2019)

What’s in the new NHS Long Term Plan that is directly relevant to young people’s health?  (January 2019)

Briefing on mental health prevalence findings for 10-19 year olds.  Blog on the new children and young people’s mental health survey, January 2019

Reasons to be sober.  Blog on trends in youth drinking.  October 2018

A participatory animation project about the first 1001 days of the second decade  Briefing by AYPH’s Lindsay Starbuck, October 2018

Childhood obesity: a bolder new plan but still lacking in ambition (guest blog by AYPH’s Dr Rakhee Shah on the Nuffield Trust website, July 2018)

Young people’s health focus week (March 2018)

Why do we need to make health promotion for young people a priority?  (Blog, November 2017)

An overview of research on key issues in student health (April 2017)

Young people’s health – where are we up to? (March 2017)

The connections between young people’s mental health and sport participation: scoping the evidence  (Nov 2016)

‘There for you’: The role of parents in supporting young people with mental health problems: Results of a survey (Nov 2016)

Pharmacy for young people with longterm conditions (June 2016)

Tips for a ‘YP friendly’ GP practice (November 2015)

Screencast for professionals working with young people with type 1 diabetes (May 2016)

Young people and parents’ views on NHS digital strategy  (May 2016)

Evaluation of Youth Access ‘Right 2 Be Safe’ Project, final report (April 2015)

Promoting young people’s health literacy and understanding their help-seeking behaviour (March 2015)

Evaluation of the Be Healthy Project, final report (April 2013)

Young People, Mental Health and Sport (Blog, 2016)

Social determinants of young people’s health  (2013)

Webinars and training

COVID-19 Young People & General Practice Webinar (July 2020)

COVID-19 Young People & General Practice Speaker Interviews (July 2020)

Covid-19 Young People & General Practice Resources (July 2020)

Be Healthy training

Mental health in lockdown: Tips on sleep (May 2020)

Mental health in lockdown: Stress (May 2020)

Mental health in lockdown: Does mental health matter? (May 2020)

Published articles and book chapters 


Articles and reports published by AYPH staff (in bold):


Presentations and talks

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