Reaching marginalised young people

Reaching marginalised young people

Infographic vulnerable young people


Not all young people find it easy to access healthcare. There are many vulnerable and marginalised young people who are facing adversity and need additional help to attain good health. This infographic, produced with support from NHS England, highlights some groups of young people whose background and needs might not be obvious.

This information can be used to improve practice around vulnerable and marginalised young people and to reduce health inequalities.

This page sets out all the references for the data used in the infographic, plus additional resources. The infographic and background information can be downloaded free of charge, but a credit should be given to AYPH and NHS England.

Data from the infographic (click for sources):

41% of young offenders have experienced childhood bereavement

700,000 young carers in the UK

93,000 ‘looked after’ children and young people in the UK

83,000 homeless young people in the UK

1 in 20 young people have been sexually abused

80,000 young people suffer from severe depression

1 in 7 11-15 year olds have special educational needs

Half of transgender young people have attempted suicide

20% of 10-24 year olds are from an ethnic minority

13% of under-19s live in deprivation

Additional resources:

Young Minds Stigma Review

Children and young people’s survey 2014 – Care Quality Commission

Just Normal Young People: Supporting young people living with HIV in their transition to adulthood – A report from the Children and Young People HIV Network

Tackling stigma – a practical toolkit (mental health) – Public Health England (ChiMat)

Hidden from view: The experiences of young carers in England. The Children’s Society

Resources on supporting young carers. The Children’s Society

Supporting young carers and their families. Information for health care professionals.

Resources designed by young people

Gendered Intelligence trans youth sexual health booklet

Animated films by CHIVA

AYPH Be Healthy project



Respect leaflet

Confidentiality comic

Resources for GPs

GP Champions toolkit – AYPH

AYPH – GP Champions project – Tips for creating a young-people friendly GP practice