Young People’s Participation

Young People’s Participation

AYPH is committed to increasing young people’s influence over health policies and practice that affect their lives with a specific emphasis on ensuring marginalised young people are heard. We use group work and popular education methods to facilitate projects that focus on particular populations, sectors or health topics.

Youth Advisory Panel: We have two youth panels that serve as part of our governance. They ensure we are more youth led and provide input directly to our projects.




Amplifying marginalised young people’s voices: We incorporate the views of young people who are rarely heard but significantly impacted by how health services are run.



Young people affected by sexual violence:  We have a long history of advocating for increased participation and group work in the field of sexual violence.




Young people’s involvement in research: We support peer research projects, co-production in service development and young people’s involvement in academic research.



Youth led resources: We use creativity in ways that support young people to develop their own resources. We allow participants to maintain control of the content and presentation of their work.




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Good practice in participation: AYPH offers training, free resources and peer support to encourage best practice in participation that respects young people’s rights and ensures their safe involvement. You can read our code of practice for working with young people here.