Supporting the Health Foundation’s Young People’s Future Health Inquiry

Supporting the Health Foundation’s Young People’s Future Health Inquiry


In June 2018 the Health Foundation launched their inquiry into health prospects for the next generation. The findings are the first to emerge from the Young People’s Future Health Inquiry. The inquiry is exploring the support 12-24 year-olds need to enter adulthood with the core building blocks for a healthy future, namely a place to call home, potential for secure and rewarding work, and supportive relationships with their friends, family and community.  You can read the initial report on engagement with young people Listening to our Future.

As part of the inquiry the Association for Young People’s Health and the University College London Institute of Child Health have published a working paper: The social determinants of young people’s health. This paper explores identifying the key issues and assessing how young people are doing in the 2010s.

The inquiry team will now carry out a series of site visits across the UK to explore these issues further. A research programme led by AYPH and UCL ICH is also underway, which will research the assets, opportunities and protective factors that help young people achieve a successful transition to adulthood.

We will be producing scoping reviews of the existing evidence, drawing together data, and undertaking secondary analysis of longitudinal studies, to map how the current experiences of today’s young people could be shaping their longer term health trajectories in the decades that follow. The inquiry will culminate in a series of policy recommendations in 2019.

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