AYPH is committed to evidence-based practice in adolescent health and healthcare. We conduct research, evaluate services, produce briefings and compendiums of data for front line practitioners, support research being undertaken by other organisations and sit on a wide range of project advisory boards.  Outputs from some of our recent projects are highlighted below.

                              Cover Image of the impact of Covid-19 on young people briefing

The impact of Covid-19 on young people:  In February 2021 we published an overview of the research on how the pandemic and the lockdowns were impacting on young people’s lives.  You can read the covering blog here, and download the full briefing here.




Setting up group clinics for young adults living with diabetes: This project tested a ‘group clinic’ model for young people with diabetes in Newham, to see if working together could better support them to improve their health and live with the condition. We published a briefing paper summarising the emerging findings in 2020.


Teenage girl looking at phone unhappily The influence of mental health on educational attainment in adolescence:  AYPH is working in partnership on this project led by NatCen Social Research, involving secondary analysis of large longitudinal datasets from the UK to explore the links between mental health problems at age 14 and GCSE results at 16. a briefing paper on the preliminary results is available to download.



Youth Health Data logoKey Data on Young People Our flagship publication pulling together publicly available information about the health and wellbeing of young people aged 10-24.  The latest edition was published in November 2021.



International comparison of health and wellbeing in adolescence and early adulthood. Our 2019 report, written in partnership with the Nuffield Trust, was based on analysis of 17 measures of the health and wellbeing of young people aged 10-24.  The indicators offered a broad view of young people’s health and wellbeing outcomes, including long-standing illnesses, alcohol consumption, cancer mortality, obesity and deprivation.


Supporting the Health Foundation’s Future Health Inquiry AYPH provided research support to this first-of-its-kind research and engagement project about the future health of young people, which reported in 2019.  A series of reports about the inquiry can be found on the Health Foundation’s website for the project.


Health Inequalities Programme: Social inequalities can lead to health inequalities. Without equal access to resources and support, some young people are put at a disadvantage and their health may suffer as a result.  In 2020 the Health Foundation funded a new Inequalities Policy Fellow based at AYPH, who will lead our work in this area over the next few years.


Briefings and updates We regularly produce AYPH briefings, infographics, and evidence updates on a range of issues relating to young people’s health



Ten reasons to invest in young people’s health:  A short summary to help make the case for investing in this age group


Global Action on Adolescent health (GAMA) Advisory Group:  AYPH is represented on this World Health Organisation committee of 17 global experts and four young professionals, established to advise WHO and UN partners.  GAMA was set up to define a basket of indicators for measuring good outcomes in adolescent health.  An article outlining the work was published in the Journal of Adolescent Health in 2019.


Visit our resources page for a full list of recent publications and other outputs.




For more information about AYPH’s work on data and evidence, contact us at info@youngpeopleshealth.org.uk