Policy & Strategy

Policy & Strategy

AYPH works strategically, informing regional and national policy and strategy to improve young people’s health and wellbeing. We work to inform young people’s health policy and increase understanding of what the implications of policies are for young people.

Young People’s Health Partnership: AYPH is the lead partner in the Young People’s Health Partnership, which represents the interests of young people and young adults aged 10 – 25. We focus specifically on young people facing health inequalities. We are a partnership of six organisations with VCSE networks across England from the youth and young people’s health sectors.


Health Inequalities Programme: Social inequalities can lead to health inequalities. Without equal access to resources and support, some young people are put at a disadvantage and their health may suffer as a result.  In 2020 the Health Foundation funded our Inequalities Policy Fellow who will lead AYPH’s work in this area over the next few years.


APPG on Young People’s Health: AYPH provides the secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Young People’s Health. The APPG works to bring together Parliamentarians, young people, health system partners, the voluntary sector and other stakeholders from across the political spectrum to promote and facilitate discussion around young people and their health outcomes.


Policy Responses: As part of our work we respond to policy relevant to young people’s health both for AYPH and as part of the Young People’s Health Partnership.






Representing young people’s health interests: We represent young people’s health interests on a number of regional, national and international groups.





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