What health inequalities are young offenders and care experienced young people more likely to experience?

We’re pleased to see that the Commission for Young Lives has been established to prevent “vulnerable” young people from reaching crisis. In this blog post, AYPH’s Rachael McKeown explains why addressing young people’s health needs is central to… Read More

The impact of COVID-19 on young people in university and at work

Jose Vinaixa Kinnear was a Policy and Communications Intern with AYPH in the autumn of 2021, helping with the final stages of publication and dissemination of the next edition of ‘Key Data on Young People’.  In this blog… Read More

The new NHS approach to reducing health inequalities doesn’t address young people’s needs

AYPH’s Rachael McKeown explores what the ‘Core20PLUS5’ approach to reducing health inequalities is and why we need a different strategy that prioritises young people. Covid-19 has exposed and exacerbated many health inequalities that exist in our society, as… Read More

Community connections and intergenerational learning – youth social action in social care settings

George Fielding At our September #iwill Health and Social Care Alliance meeting it was a pleasure to hear the many benefits that both young people and residents gain whenever care homes (and other social care settings) open their… Read More

How could the Spending Review deliver for young people?

In the wake of the Government’s 2021 Spending Review, AYPH’s Rachael McKeown outlines the ways in which central government should be supporting young people as they recover from the impact of the pandemic on their lives. The Government… Read More

What does our new logo say about AYPH

Emma Rigby, Chief Executive Earlier this year our fantastic team of staff and trustees set about agreeing a new logo for AYPH, which will be followed by a new website due to be launched in the coming weeks. … Read More

Let’s hear from young people and their families about their experiences of managing asthma

Jeremy Sachs and Emma Rigby, Association for Young People’s Health How do young people feel about the way their asthma is managed? What kind of information works best for them and what services and support do they prefer? … Read More

Where are we with Covid-19 vaccinations and children and young people?

Covid-19 Vaccination recommendations for young people are changing.  AYPH’s Vicky Robinson provides an update on the current situation and looks at the picture in the four countries of the UK. On 19 July the governments of England, Wales,… Read More

Trying to pin down UK youth homelessness data

Lucy Ross is a research intern at AYPH, helping to collate data for the next edition of ‘Key Data on Young People’, which AYPH publishes every two years. In this blog she explains some of the challenges of… Read More

Helping parents and carers of young people with mental health problems: What can we do?

In our new briefing, AYPH’s Ann Hagell and our colleague James Kenrick pulled together some key messages about improving support for parents and carers of young people with mental health problems.  At the Association for Young People’s Health… Read More