International comparisons of young people’s health

International comparisons of young people’s health

Young people in the UK are making healthier life choices for themselves than ever before, but are more likely to die from asthma or have a poor quality of life from long-term conditions compared to counterparts in other high-income countries.

Our report, written in partnership with the Nuffield Trust, was based on analysis of 17 measures of the health and wellbeing of young people aged 10-24.  The indicators offered a broad view of young people’s health and wellbeing outcomes, including long-standing illnesses, alcohol consumption, cancer mortality, obesity and deprivation.


The countries selected for their comparability with the UK were Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the USA.


You can download the full report here  More resources, including the excel spreadsheet containing the data underpinning the report, are available for download from the Nuffield Trust website.

To watch Dr Rakhee Shah’s presentation and the panel discussion of the findings at the 2019 Nuffield Trust Summit click here.

Report authors Rakhee Shah, Ann Hagell and Ronny Cheung in conversation with Gabrielle from the NHS Youth Forum and Victoria Macdonald, Channel 4 News