Inclusive, understanding and non-judgemental health services for young people

We believe young people deserve non-judgemental, confidential sexual health & wellbeing services. Someone’s gender can often make them feel judged and stigmatised. This makes it a very important topic, especially for young people. Being a young person is a time in life when individuals are learning and developing the most. There are lots of different genders and the way people experience gender can be complex and fluid. Health services therefore need to understand this and be there to support young people in the best way possible. They need to be inclusive, understanding and non-judgemental.

Follow #yphealthmatters on Wednesday 7 March to find out more from five Brook Champions aged 16 to 24 who are located across the UK. This will include blogs and messages explaining what gender is, gender expectations in society and the media, and how you can ensure you are delivering a service which young people need and want.

Jade writes about the importance of gender and the difference between gender, sex and sexual orientation.

Alicia writes about gender expectations in society and how they can affect us.

Check out our top ten ways to make sure that you are offering a welcoming service to everybody regardless of their gender.

Brook has been at the forefront of providing wellbeing and sexual health support for young people for over 50 years. They provide services in local communities, education programmes, training for professionals and their campaigning work means that young people are better equipped to make positive and healthy lifestyle choices.


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