Covid-19: Information for young people

At this time young people and those who care for them are seeking advice and support. There are many sources of information on Covid-19, how to look after ourselves and others and how to access more support.

As advice is changing rapidly it is important that everyone accesses the most up to date information from the Government about what we should be doing in relation to Covid-19

In addition there are many information sources for young people and those who work with them. You can find links to a whole range of resources below. Whilst we cannot quality control all these sources of information they have been selected from reputable organisations and sources.

We will update this page as often as possible – if you have sources of information you would like to add please email or tweet us @AYPHcharity.


The Youth Advisers from our We’re All Right project have produced their own resource to help other young people cope with the loss of rights and hardship of lockdown. It uses a rights-based and survivor-led approach.


General sources of information for young people

  • The Children’s Commissioner for England information about the virus, symptoms and safety precautions you should take to stay safe
  • Young Scot one-stop shop site with practical information and wellbeing advice
  • Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) resources for young people and families, including specific information for young people with medical conditions
  • iwill resources, including social action and volunteering opportunities
  • Childline facts about the virus, coping with lockdown, making a safety plan if you feel unsafe and staying healthy
  • Peer Power peer-messages for children and young people who are currently in the secure estate
  • Youthlink Scotland online youth workshops for youth workers on how best to provide digital youth work


Information about mental health and wellbeing

Information and advice from other young people (Children England & Safety Net)


Information for young people in different situations and those managing health conditions

Practical and social welfare information


Covid-19: Resources for parents and carers