Are you OK?

Are you OK?

We presented Are you OK? at the 2020 RCPCH Adolescent Health Conference. The conference was held remotely due to Covid-19 so we pre-recorded a fascinating conversation with two of the young people who took part in making the film. They explain some of the choices they made about their characters and the deeper meaning behind a seemingly simple story. It’s a great example of how much adults can learn from listening to young people.

Watch the film and read more about how we made it below.

AYPH worked with young people from CHIVA to develop this original animation. The film uses science-fiction and fantasy story telling to imagine a world where young people with HIV are cared for in every respect. The young people created cut out paper puppets and backgrounds which they animated live whilst recording the dialogue. The story development, character creation and animation was all completed over the course of a two-day residential in November 2018.

The film world premiered at The Cube cinema in Bristol on 11th May 2019 and was screened alongside another powerful CHIVA film Life Growing Up. If you visit the Cube cinema, you may be able to catch both of these films on the big screen before your feature film.

The story gives five recommendations on how to support young people living with HIV in our own world:

  1. Recognise how young people living with HIV are affected by stigma and discrimination
  2. Look out for non-verbal clues about their emotions
  3. Ask ‘are you ok?’ regularly
  4. Encourage creativity and escapes from reality
  5. Support their independence when they are ready

There was much discussion that happened around the creative process that didn’t make it into the final film. To capture that – and provide some more context about the experiences of young people living with HIV in the UK – we also developed this written report.

This project follows on from our earlier animation project that used the same technique and looked at the specific needs of early adolescents.