You’re Welcome Pilot 2017

All young people are entitled to receive appropriate health care wherever they access it. The You’re Welcome quality criteria for making health services young people friendly lay out principles that will help health services – community and primary care, secondary care and wider health services – to ‘get it right’ for young people.





YOU’RE WELCOME is a set of quality criteria for young people friendly health services.  It provides a systematic framework to help commissioners and service providers to improve the suitability, accessibility, quality and safety of health services for young people.  First published in 2007 and reviewed in 2011 the standards remain and important framework for everyone commissioning, delivering and planning young people’s health services.  You can see the last edition of the standards from 2011 here.

The YOU’RE WELCOME standards have been refreshed as part of a project supported by Public Health England (PHE), NHS England (NHSE) and the Department of Health (DH).  The work has been led by the British Youth Council, Association for Young People’s Health and Youth Focus North West.  The project has considered the accreditation process and is currently piloting a self-assessment toolkit and a process of young people verifying services. Young people have been at the heart of this process to ensure that refreshed standards are meaningful to them.  A wide range of commissioners, clinicians, voluntary sector organisations and professionals from the across the health system have also been involved in this work to ensure the refreshed standards work for services completing them.  We are now piloting the refreshed standards to test how they work across a range of health settings in England.  Once the piloting process has been completed PHE, NHS England and the Department of Health will be working to support the production of a final set of standards.

Benefits of YOU’RE WELCOME: Through participation, young people will gain a greater understanding of services, how they work and how they can utilise them more.  As young people engage more with services they are more likely to engage positively with their own treatment and care, therefore improving their own health outcomes. More engagement with young people will also help improve access for more marginalised groups. YOU’RE WELCOME empowers health staff to become more inclusive giving them the confidence to engage with young people. As a quality standard supported by PHE, NHS England and the Department of Health YOU’RE WELCOME can also help improve commissioning processes