Public Health

Public Health

We work on a number of public health projects and have developed resources for Public Health England on Resilience as well as a Framework for Improving Young People’s Health.

Health protection and immunisations for young people

Young people, mental health and sport

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In November 2016 we launched a new publication from our project on young people, mental health and sport.

You can download the full literature review here, which summarises the evidence on the connections between young people’s mental health and sport participation, and you can download a one-page summary here.


There’s also a project summary explaining how we went about the work.

Resilience Resource

Young people face a wide range of challenges in their lives from moving schools to family breakdown to bullying. Building resilience can support better outcomes for them whatever challenges they face. This resource from AYPH, funded by Public Health England, and developed with input from the Early Intervention Foundation, provides a new focus on public health approaches to supporting young people’s resilience.

The AYPH Resilience Resource builds on PHE’s framework for young people’s health which was published in 2015.  It highlights ways that services have successfully worked together, provides links to useful interventions and other resources, and draws on the perspectives of young people about what works well for them.

The resource is an interactive PDF with embedded hyperlinks.  It links work best when viewed on a PC rather than a tablet or phone.

Improving young people’s health and wellbeing – A framework for public health

We worked with Public Health England to develop a framework for young people’s health, published in 2015. It sets out the importance of ensuring that every young person has the right level of support to help them maximise their full potential.  The framework puts relationships at the centre of young people’s health and wellbeing. Download it here.

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