Supporting the Health Foundation’s Young People’s Inquiry

Supporting the Health Foundation’s Young People’s Inquiry

Together with UCL’s Institute of Child Health, AYPH has been commissioned to research the assets, opportunities and protective factors that help young people achieve a successful transition to adulthood.

The factors that shape long term wellbeing and health exert their influence early in life.  Although much is known about the importance of the early years on future outcomes, less is known about the impact of experiences and opportunities during the transition to adulthood.  The Health Foundation’s Young People’s Inquiry seeks to understand the wider social and economic determinants that impact on young people’s longer-term prospects for wellbeing and health.

We will be producing scoping reviews of the existing evidence, drawing together data, and undertaking secondary analysis of longitudinal studies, to map how the current experiences of today’s young people could be shaping their longer term health trajectories in the decades that follow.

For more information, contact Dr Ann Hagell,

See also the Health Foundation’s page about the project



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