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Events Calendar

18 January 2019
Senior Clinicians’ Update Course Developments in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, London. This course run jointly by the Institute of Psychiatry and the GOSH Institute of Child Health aims to update senior clinicians on the latest clinical and research findings in child and adolescent mental health. This year the course will include a series of talks from experts on a diverse range of subjects including the latest interventions in conduct disorder, mental health in schools, prescribing and neuroimaging in ADHD and genetic advances in intellectual disability, anxiety and depression. Speakers include: Professors Emily Simonoff, Stephen Scott, David Skuse, Louise Arseneault, Thalia Eley, Tamsin Ford and Katya Rubia.

28 January 2019
Priorities for Student Mental Health, London. This seminar will examine the priorities for student mental health including the current state of mental health provision available to students at university and the next steps to improve support including: the University Mental Health Charter, transition, developing collaborative, coordinated approaches to mental health care, improving provision on campus, prevention and the development of local multi-agency support for students.

1 February 2019
Adolescent Mental Health: Trials and Tribulations through Transition, Northampton. This symposium will include sessions on apps for wellbeing, gender identity, psychosis, anxiety and treatment refusal.

5 February 2019
Next Steps for Children and Young People’s Health in England – Inequalities, Funding and the NHS Long Term Plan, London. This conference will assess the impact of government policy initiatives on the health of children and young people and key issues for coordination and implementation. Policymakers and key stakeholders will assess the priorities for child health and the implementation of the NHS Long Term Plan including allocating funding and next steps for reducing inequalities, supporting the children’s health workforce and improving standards.

1 March 2019
St.David’s Day Conference, Cardiff. This RCPCH conference for paediatricians, psychiatric doctors and allied healthcare professionals will focus on the promotion of mental health from the neonatal period to adolescence, looking at early interventions and practical tips to provide better care.

18 & 19 September 2019
The International Conference of Adolescent Health – Coming of Age 2019, Windsor. This two day conference is aimed at clinicians and researchers, focusing on adolescent health issues and solutions with
influential plenary and keynote speakers, contributions from young people, workshops and networking opportunities.