Events Calendar

Events Calendar

13 March 2020
Sharing and Learning from Best Practice in LGBT Health, Manchester. This free national learning event will share best practice in reducing health inequalities for LGBT people across the NHS, social care and voluntary sector.  Participants will take away practical solutions to addressing LGBT health inequalities locally and there will be opportunities for networking. Includes workshops on issues affecting LGBT children and young people.

14 March 2020
CHIVA Family Conference, London. This conference is for young people living with HIV and their families, and older young people who have grown up living with HIV. The family conference is a safe space where participants can: attend sessions exploring family communication and HIV, hear from the CHIVA Youth Committee and other young people about their experiences growing up with HIV; hear what young people living with HIV need from their family members, and share experiences. Any travel expenses incurred in order to attend will be reimbursed.

17 March 2020
Personal Health Budgets for Children & Young People, Leeds. This free event is intended for anyone who works with children & young people with learning disability, or who are autistic and will highlight 8 elements of the Personal Health Budget process requiring accountability and governance. There will be opportunity to share your own stories and learn what works.

18 March 2020
Emotional & Behavioural Symptoms in Children on the Autistic Spectrum – What can Paediatricians do to Help? Webinar. In this free webinar, Dr Karim and Dr Davie, consultant psychiatrist and consultant paediatrician respectively, will give practical advice for how to make sense of behaviour, and help parents and other professionals to manage problems.

26 March 2020
Countdown to Statutory RSE, Newcastle. This conference will include guest speakers from Ofsted, DfE and Public Health England. Attendees will hear about best practice examples and workshops on consent, assessment, SEND inclusion, parental engagement and more.

26 March 2020
MH:2K Showcase Event, Derby. This event will launch the findings from a youth-led project that has engaged over 300 young people across communities in Derby and Derbyshire in conversations about mental health and wellbeing. Attendees will hear directly from the young ‘Citizen Researchers’ who have co-designed and delivered this project, as they present their findings and recommendations from conversations with diverse groups of young people, with a particular focus on those voices that can often remain unheard in service design, delivery, and in seeking support.

26 March 2020
Disability Matters Relaunch, London. This free event will include live platform demonstrations and an insight into the recently revamped Disability Matters eLearning resource. Developed by disabled young people, parent carers and other experts, Disability Matters arranges individual modules into helpful bite-sized learning packages so that the training offered matches the needs of specific individuals, groups, organisations and sectors.  It offers practical advice about supporting disabled children, young people and their families to achieve the outcomes that matter to them.

27 March 2020
The Adolescent Health Conference: Working Together to Bridge the Gaps, London. This multi-disciplinary conference has been designed for doctors and trainees at all career stages and will feature experts from primary and secondary care. Sessions will include: adolescent brain development, sleep, reducing health inequalities, eating disorders and social media. Key Note speakers include AYPH Chief Executive, Emma Rigby, presenting work on our Key Data on Young People 2019 report.

28 March 2020
IUKI International LGBT+ Youth Workers’ Conference, Manchester. This conference is for anyone engaged in LGBT+ youth provision whether as youth workers or managers/directors of a youth organisation. The conference workshop sessions are diverse, ranging from activities for youth groups to fundraising strategies.

27 April 2020
Spot the Signs Suicide Awareness, Herts. This free training session is intended for professionals working with young people aged 9-20. The session will increase participants’ knowledge and awareness about youth suicide and explore information about which groups of young people are most at risk and why, protective factors and increase confidence in using practical strategies for identifying and responding to signs of risk in young people.

27 April 2020
Young People’s Mental Health Early-Career Researchers Forum 2020, Glasgow. This event will showcase the work of early-career researchers working in the field of mental health, with a focus on young people age 10-24 years. Attendees can also find out more about funding opportunities available through the TRIUMPH Network and obtain input on their project ideas from more senior researchers. A call for submissions is open until 13 March 2020.

11 September 2020
Optimising Engagement and Outcomes for Patients with Functional/Medically Unexplained Symptoms, London. This conference is intended for a range of clinicians including child and adolescent mental health and paediatrics. Delegates will learn strategies to facilitate engagement and reflect on how to design services with patients at the centre. The event will look at the current evidence base, service design & care pathways, working across disciplines with schools and case examples.