Events Calendar

Events Calendar

18 & 19 September 2019
The International Conference of Adolescent Health – Coming of Age 2019, Windsor. This two day conference is aimed at clinicians and researchers, focusing on adolescent health issues and solutions with
influential plenary and keynote speakers, contributions from young people, workshops and networking opportunities.

23 September 2019
An Introduction to Young People’s Mental Health, Bristol. This session is aimed at those who work directly with young people and will give an overview and understanding of what exactly is young people’s mental health and insight into the tools and techniques and how they can be adapted as 1:1 and group interventions within your setting.

30 September 2019
HarmLESS Training for Schools, Swindon. This free 2 hour training session is for all local Swindon providers that come into contact with children and young people. This training is being run by Paul Stallard, Head of Psychological Therapies for CAMHS and aims to upskilling people to use the tool effectively.

4 October 2019
Children & Young People’s Practitioners Skills Course, London. This course is free for all Lambeth and Southwark professionals working in primary and community healthcare, social care, and education and aims to equip staff working with children, young people, and families with the skills to help manage both the overlap of physical and psychological needs of patients, as well as develop a better understanding of contextual factors that affect health outcomes.

8 October 2019
Teaching Positive Sexual Health (Secondary), London. This course is suitable for all teachers and staff who deliver lessons on sexual health, but especially those who have no background in sexual health or are new to sexual health teaching. Participants will work individually and in groups to handle a range of teaching resources and lesson plans. The course will be very interactive, with many opportunities to learn from colleagues.

15 October 2019
Eating Disorders: Guided Self Help for Young People, Leeds. This course is run in partnership between Leeds CAMHS Specialist Eating Disorder Service and the University of Leeds. It is intended for those who have attended an introductory course on eating disorders or who already work in eating disorders. The course covers low intensity treatment approaches, their evidence base, and determining client suitability. The main part of this day will be training to use an evidence-based intervention, ‘Working to Overcome Eating Difficulties. A Guided Self-Help (GSH) Manual for Young People’.

5 November 2019
Children & Young People’s Continuing Care Workshop, Huntingdon. This free interactive training session will consider: how to get a joint understanding of Children and Young People’s Continuing Care Framework and recommendations, what is NHS Children’s Continuing Care, how and when to make a referral and how to reach a recommendation.

5 November 2019
Body Image & Mental Wellbeing (Secondary), London. This CPD course takes an in-depth look at the influences that shape children and young peoples’ body image in the digital age, and the evidence of impact on mental wellbeing. It explores the role of social media and pornography and how effective teaching can help to combat the ‘perfect’ body ideal in an era of selfies and Instagram posts. This course is aimed at all teachers and staff who deliver Relationships and Sex Education. The implications of the new subject of Health Education will also be explored.