Be Healthy

Be Healthy

AYPH ran the Be Healthy project on the health needs of young people affected by sexual exploitation.

From 2011-2015 we worked with the University of Bedfordshire and local partners, to train young people to be health advocates. We also developed resources for both young people and professionals. The health advocates have disseminated their work at conferences in the UK and Europe.

behealthy2The Be Healthy project has enabled us to develop a participation model to work with young people affected by sexual exploitation. The project has been very successful in working with young people who face stigma, shame and, as a result, reduced access to services. It has led to increased understanding about the need for isolated young people to share experiences and take part in group work. The Be Healthy model and the youth led resources created on the project are being used to inform the practice of professionals supporting young people affected by sexual exploitation.

Health Advocates from the project have gone on to develop a resource on peer support for young people affected by sexual exploitation and other related issues.

AYPH has also developed a training model for professionals using the techniques developed on the Be Healthy participation project. The model is rooted in Popular Education methods, is young people-led and very interactive. The training is appropriate for anyone working with marginalised groups of young people (those who face stigma and reduced access to health services). Participants also get a free copy of our publication that explains the foundations and offers 10 interactive activities to get young people talking about health and wellbeing issues.


Visit the Be Healthy website to find out more about the project and see all the resources, which are free to view and share.