Early adolescence

Early adolescence

AYPH facilitated a group of 10-13 year olds from Bromley Woodcraft Folk to explore the health and wellbeing needs of early adolescence through animated film. We used science fiction to imagine a planet where the health and wellbeing of 10-12 year olds were prioritised and fully met. Together we explored some of the changes and challenges at this age, how young people could be better supported through these changes and feel fully included in society.  The young people created unique, colourful characters that represent the values of this planet. They also developed a visitor from Earth who interviewed the other characters to find out what made their planet so special.  This is the animated film they made.

We also created a project summary that captures some of the important conversations that happened off camera. We explain the whys and hows of using science fiction and animation with young people and some of the learning we took from the experience.

Read the project summary.

This project was supported by Public Health England

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